All our business actions and decisions are guided by the values that underlie this philosophy- CONCERN, COMMITMENT, QUALITY, and INTEGRITY. All the companies in KSR GROUP are synergized with a unity of purpose and share a value system which lays emphasis on its relationship with its Customers, Investors, Employees and the Community at large.

The present production level of fruits and vegetables is more than 125 million MT and keeping in view the growth rate of population and demand, the production of perishable commodities is increasing every year. The cold storage facilities are the prime infrastructural component for such perishable commodities. Besides the role of stabilizing market prices and evenly distributing both on demand basis and time basis, the cold storage industry renders other advantages and benefits to both the farmers and the consumers. The farmers get opportunity of producing cash crops to get remunerative prices.

The consumers get the supply of perishable commodities with lower fluctuation of prices. Commercially apples, potatoes, oranges, chillies are stored on large scale in the cold storages. Other important costly raw materials like dry fruits, chemicals, essences and processed foods like fruit juice/pulp, concentrate dairy products, frozen meat, fish and eggs are being stored in cold storages to regulate marketing channels of these products.